Descriptive and Illustrative Dictionary

Here you will find common words, phrases and illustrations that are used by hybridizers, gardeners, and fanciers. These words are used to describe the various parts, traits and looks of the Hemerocallis and various cultivars.  

Flower Form

Single = the flower has 3 petals and 3 sepals.

Crispate = having a wavy or curly edge.

Cascade = a free-flowing descending look like lace or a waterfall.

Spatulate = broad at the apex and tapered to the base.

Spider = petals and sepals are narrow throughout their length. Classification requires the length of the petals to be a minimum of four times the length to width of the petal surface.

Double = more petals and sepals, w/blooms which vary from slightly double to peony-like.

Polymerous = the flower has more than 3 petals and 3 sepals.

CCer = Color Changing. Naturally occurring color changes.

Bicolor = petals and sepals are of totally different colors.

Eye Zone = a different or darker colored band on both petals and sepals where they join at the throat.

Other = From time to time there is a new look that is easier to define as other due to the unique visual appearance. In this case the form can be characterized by the hybridizer. This may include other forms in the description. Once the said form is stable a new definition will be added for the said form.

Size Classifications

Miniature =

Standard =

Large =

Extra Large (XL) =

Extra Extra Large (XXL) =

Bloom season

EE = Extra early (more than 2–4 weeks before peak)

E = Early (2–4 weeks before peak)

EM = Early to mid-season (1–2 weeks before peak)

M = Peak

ML = Mid to late (1–2 weeks after peak)

L = Late (2–4 weeks after peak

VL = Very late (more than 2–4 weeks after peak)

Re = Will bloom AGAIN after the first bloom.


Diploid (Dip) = The daylily has 22 chromosomes.

Tetraploid (Tet) = The daylily has 44 chromosomes.

Converted = When a Diploid is changed into a Tetraploid.

Foliage habit

Dor = Dormant, the foliage dies back during winter months.

Sev = Semi-evergreen, a fair amount of the foliage dies back during the winter.

Ev = Evergreen, the foliage stays green all winter.